Helping couples reconnect with themselves, and with each other  

now offering in-person & TELEHEALTH THERAPY for couples AND INDIVIDUALS in maryland

You got together for a reason, but something has changed. 

Somehow your best attempts to get the relationship back on track seem to fall flat or even backfire, leaving you feeling misunderstood, exhausted and hopeless.        

I’m trained to help couples figure out what’s keeping them stuck and how to break out of their negative cycles. You don’t have to feel like you’re in it alone.

where to begin

Couples Counseling

Whether you’re on the brink of separating or just wanting a relationship tune-up, I work with couples to heal and transform their marriages and relationships. In couples therapy, I help both partners:  

slow down fights and communicate differently 

Heal from affairs and other forms of betrayal trauma 

Restore connection, trust and intimacy

Feel equally heard, seen and understood  

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Premarital Counseling

Whether you’re dating, engaged or living together, premarital counseling can help you leverage your relationship’s strengths, target areas of growth, and learn relationship skills that pave the way for a solid future together. 

Learn communication skills to help you ask for what you need, and actually get it 

Master the art of conflict (spoiler: it can actually bring you closer together) 

Explore issues that might feel kind of tricky

Relationship Problems

Gain the confidence to show up more authentically with others  

understand your own interpersonal patterns, like people-pleasing, problem-solving, or shutting down

You want to have healthier, more fulfilling friendships and relationships, but don’t know where to start. In therapy, you can:

Work through relationship issues like dating, fear of commitment, or processing a breakup or divorce 

Individual Therapy


Feel empowered to make decisions and take risks in life


When you want to make a change in your life but feel stuck, or when you just need a safe, confidential place where your unfiltered self is not only welcome but embraced, therapy can be a game-changer. In therapy, you can:

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Anxiety, Perfectionism and Stress

Exploring and reconnecting with your values, identity, and an authentic sense of self 

Setting effective boundaries, and reclaiming your time and energy 

Feeling more secure and being able to ask for what you need (and deserve)    

You’re driven, highly capable, and successful on paper, but still struggle with comparing yourself to others. Your ability to perform has served you well in many ways, but it’s also left you feeling resentful, alone and disconnected from yourself and others. Together, we can work on:  

Navigating life stressors and transitions related to work, parenting, finances, and grief 

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Family Issues

It can be so painful when families aren’t getting along. Whether the problems are with your own family of origin, your partner’s, or your own children or blended family, I’ll work with you individually to:

Understand how to get your needs met within the family system

Navigate parenting concerns and chronic family conflict 

Figure out how to cope when TWO FAMILIES DON'T MESH