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Individual Therapy for Anxiety & Stress

online & in-person therapy in maryland

Tired of feeling trapped in your own head?

When overthinking and second-guessing leave you feeling like you don't know which end is up, it's hard not to feel lost, insecure and exhausted. Working with a skilled therapist can help.

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  • Prioritizing others' needs above your own
  • Having difficulty saying no, even when it comes at the expense of your own well-being
  • Feeling insecure and inadequate, despite your accomplishments
  • Experiencing a physical sense of unease, urgency, or feeling on edge, sometimes for no apparent reason
  • Noticing resentment & irritability towards your partner, coworkers, friends, or even your kids

It can be so difficult to break these patterns on your own. Therapy can help take the load off, so you can focus on what really matters.

Does this sound like you?


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Whether you've been noticing red flags or just need an wellness tune-up, working with a therapist can help you reset and make the changes you've been struggling to make yourself. Together, we'll work to understand how your life experiences impact the way you relate to yourself, others and the world. We'll notice patterns and examine which ones are helpful, and which are holding you back. And when a pattern proves particularly stubborn, we'll slow down, get curious, and process what's really happening beneath the surface.            

This process of self-discovery and healing can help you:

- Feel more confident 
- Worry less about what others think 
- Make healthier choices
- Be proud of the way you show up in different parts of your life
- Set loving boundaries that improve your relationships and quality of life 
- Feel more resilient to life's ups and downs
- Shift from a focus on being "productive" to allowing space for being creative  

what to expect

Life doesn't have to feel this hard. 

My Approach 

befriend your inner critic

Individualized Care
Everyone’s journey looks different, and yours is no exception. Your unique needs deserve a caring, personalized approach. I integrate evidence-based techniques in a way that aligns with what works best for you.   

Safe & Nonjudgmental Space
Therapy is a place for you to freely explore your emotions without fear of judgment. Together, we'll unpack your current challenges and past experiences, noticing patterns and understanding their origins. This lays the foundation for deeper exploration and healing. 

Focus on Emotions
In therapy, clients learn to experience their emotions as raw data - our bodies trying to communicate an important message to us. You'll become more attuned to your own inner world of thoughts and emotions, getting clarity on what you're feeling and why, and using that information to make intentional choices that set you up for a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Integrated Healing
The research is clear – the connection between mind and body is stronger than we could have imagined. Insight alone isn't enough to create lasting change; your brain and body need new experiences to seal the deal. I take an experiential approach to therapy, meaning the emotional experience you have in each session is what helps to re-wire your brain, freeing you up to feel better and fully embrace your authentic self.     





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